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During the big Quincy invasion, Unohana was stuck inside Squad 4 on Yamamoto’s orders. So what better to do than to live tweet the whole event?

—The Quincy invasion has begun. Again.

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"Oi, boss —"


With a lackluster expression settling within his features, the Sadist cocked his head to the side as crimson hues fixated amongst the silver-haired samurai.

"What brings ya here?"

Perfect timing. Right when he began to feel the need of something sugar flavored growing inside him, the person with the ‘big budget’ appeared at the correct time. Call it luck or not will be fate’s decision.

Oh-oh, what kind of question is this, Okita-kun? I am here to see how you are doing, as a friend I am of course—-

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The two sisters, suddenly notice the approach of a young male, with silver hair, and greet him, with a confident smile

”Domo! Welcome to the Jyuuken club!”


Once again, Gintoki had no idea how he ended up in a place he could not recall visiting before. With a pair of crimson dead fish eyes, he gazed upon the young girls not too far away from him.

… Erm—- Hello there—-" Came his not so confident response.

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Talking about that gifset with Tsukuyo from the Scandal arc, I always loved how Gintoki didn't even ask himself how did his clothes return unharmed after she ripped them apart.

{ OOC: I guess the shock of seeing an aged woman (Granny in this case) naked in a bed with him made him lose his ability to think logically.

Perhaps he used the spare ones he has—-

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And Gintoki running, one hand hooked on the red collar around his neck and the other having a firm hold whenever his hand could reach on the door of the police vehicle. As naturally, the samurai was already out of breath, small drops of sweating covering his features along with several nerve marks out of pure anger. He had to do something, really fast. This humiliation was too much for him to handle and Okita’s attempt to take a picture of him running was the ‘cherry’ on this insane situation.

Screw it all —!!” 

Decidedly, the silver haired samurai took his hand back from the door and grabbed the hilt of his wooden sword. Somehow, it would have to be handy, since there is no hope for him to escape and what’s more, he could end up wounded because of this brat’s sadist behavior. Piercing the tires of the car would be one solution but quite a dangerous one in case Okita fails to take the control of the vehicle. So he pierced whatever was near him, the vehicle itself of course. A small smile made its appearance as he began his attempt to climb his way on the roof of the vehicle, using both of his hands this time and the sword as the extra needed support.

Yet another vehicle needed to get repaired. The 6th one this week, if he remembered right. Not that it concerned him the least; Shinsengumi’s property could easily be dealt with thanks to the excessive amount of money they received from the government. Just a privilege these tax revenue robbers had, among many others. More importantly, the damage Gintoki had caused didn’t affect his driving at all—a wise decision from said samurai indeed. Taking everything in mind, no one other than the silver-perm himself would have been in disadvantage. 


Now that his best friend wasn’t beside the car anymore but on top of it, Okita flexibly changed his way of doing things. As the distance between them and their destination closed in by the seconds, Gintama’s sadistic prince stepped on the gas pedal while intentionally making some overly sharp turns to get Sakata’s adrenaline pumping. “Boss, did you know? ‘True friendship can only be experienced when you’re facing danger’ some famous guy said once—I can feel us getting closer already,” Sougo stated dully as he finally arrived at the conclusion of using the brake. The police car spun a few rounds before it eventually crashed against a street lamp right in front of the restaurant’s entrance.

Right when he felt he escaped danger and could relax a bit, Gintoki felt the surface of the roof beneath him to shake violently, to the point of sending the male almost flying. Fortunately for him at the last second, he managed to take a firm grip on the edges of the roof and forcing him to lay flat on his stomach. Witnessing such a crazy act should be predictable from the young policeman since there wasn’t a normal, peaceful time with him in the past.

As the car came closer to their destination, the result of the final crash against a street lamp made Gintoki loose his balance and almost fly in front of the car. Thankfully to the big chain of the collar, it stopped Gintoki’s flying trip and as a result, it forced him to lay flat on his back upon the hood of the police vehicle.

"… God-Goddamn you—-“ He stuttered in a weak tone beneath his labored breath, unable to move an inch from the place he appeared to be resting.

"Our Relationship Was Never So Sweet"




Gintoki’s clumsy blocking move only infuriated him more. The old Gintoki, the White demon that blazed across the battle field, would have deflected or dodged that blow and already followed up with the sweep of his own gleaming sword.

Instead, Gintoki was pushing back with a stick and whining about parfaits. 

“There’s every reason,” Takasugi hissed, his sword pressed against Gintoki’s weapon. “If you don’t remember, I’ll make you remember. I’ll cut those memories into your body so deep you’ll feel them in your bones.” 

But since Gintoki could easily block the next attack, he didn’t disengage their swords. Instead, he swung out his foot to hook around Gintoki’s leg, intending to send him sprawling. 

Bullshit—” Gintoki mumbled behind their swords with a hint of anger in the tone of his voice, brows furrowing as an add to his pissy mood.

“I don’t want to remember, I don’t need to remember! What will come out from this? Nothing! The more he was talking, the more he was raising the tone of his voice, along with the strength on the hold of his own wooden sword. “You can remember whatever you want from the past while having your easy, luxurious life in your ship, but I cannot do that. I don’t want to anymore! You are a freaking idiot for—” His sentence was cut in half when he felt his balance failing him, with him resting flat on his back.

Gintoki hit the ground with an immensely satisfying thud: the fall finally  shutting him up for a second. Even as Gintoki was falling, Takasugi was bringing his blade down. To really win this fight, he’d need to disarm Gintoki, but that was obviously close to impossible. Takasugi had never seen Gintoki lose grip of his sword in his life. Therefore, he wouldn’t even bother trying to win. All he wanted now was to cut Gintoki, to cleave through Gintoki’s flesh and see his blood spilling out.

There was nothing easy or luxurious about Takasugi’s life. While Gintoki had been lazing away on a sofa reading Jump and surviving on hand-outs and pity, Takasugi had rebuilt the Kiheitai into a force that had been feared even by the heads of the Harusame itself. He’d lived sparsely and unluxuriously, never allowing himself more than the traditional small comforts of his pipe and his sake. Gintoki was a hypocrite and a fake and yet somewhere beneath all that he was still Shiroyasha, and Takasugi couldn’t forget that.

He brought the blade down, aiming for Gintoki’s left arm. 

Shattered memories.

The time seemed to go by really slowly as his mind began to sunk in the memories of the past. Their past. Gintoki could successfully recall similar scenes like this one, with the important difference; in Gintoki’s position was supposed to be a friend, an Amanto. Not a ‘comrade’. It is wrong. So wrong to the point of feeling himself something growing in him. Anger, yes, this word would probably suit to this foreign feeling. True anger.

In a split of a moment, just before the cold blade made its way down to pierce the flesh of the silver haired samurai, a pair of crimson hues creased just slightly with a hint of frustration in them. His free hand came to take a firm hold of the blade, ignoring the amount of damage it might inflict on his palm. It was rather preferable than having a whole arm pierced. Successfully yet barely, Gintoki stopped the blade just above his arm. The nostalgic look of exasperation was now written all over his face as he gripped the wooden hilt of his sword to deliver a straight ‘slap’ on Takasugi’s cheek.


Choco Baby-Ya: kushinadattebane: Choco Baby-Ya: kushinadattebane: Choco Baby-Ya:…

Kushina’s plan was backfiring, it seemed..well, better then, it seemed he wasn’t dumb enough to fall for a trick, but even so, coming to Konoha and not meet the hokage was a worrisome thing! so, they continued to the Hokage’s mansion..


”well, then…when we get to see her, I want to know what age you’ll give her! hehe!”

Gintoki continued to follow her in rather slower pace than hers with one resting in the white winter kimono of his. She piqued his curiosity for sure but this alone did not mean that he could not feel a bit worried. He was stepping in a foreign land after all, Shonen knowledge aside.

"… You still look fishy—-“

No more laziness

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Choco Baby-Ya: kushinadattebane: Choco Baby-Ya: kushinadattebane: Choco Baby-Ya:…

As they were walking, and Gin said that, Kushina blinked a bit, and let out a sneaky grin…and then, felt like teasing him a bit…just to see if he would fall for it..


”Oh, really? okay, it’s your choice….but our hokage is even rejuvenated….”

Gintoki wasn’t quite sure if he had to believe her, since a moment ago she mentioned something about hags.

You just called her a hag. Don’t try to trick me—